About Cultvral

cultvral is a curation platform for the Metaverse. We chose AltspaceVR as our premier method to easily populate the Metaverse because of our shared ideology of communication. We want to allow artists and curators to be able to communicate their passion to others from around the world using a powerful VR social platform.

Our website is designed to facilitate the management of cultural events as well as 2D and 3D digital art pieces for artists and curators. A curator can easily place their uploaded content in AltspaceVR by using our editing tools from within VR itself.

We are interested in discovering the future of architecture, sculpture, drawing, performance art, storytelling and theater. An artist can realize their vision with little environmental impact, minimal costs, and not need to take the laws of physics into consideration.

If you’re a 3D artist, sign up to upload your creations into the Metaverse. You can share it as a social 3D experience on AltspaceVR.